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Reasons Why You Should Sign Your Toddler Up for Ballet Classes. 4 Unexpected Benefits!

Ballet is a beautiful craft to look at and being a ballerina, it feels even more satisfying knowing that all eyes are on you. The moment the music starts, you feel the melody and express it to the best until the last note. The feeling we just described, that is the feeling your child will experience every time she is prepared for a performance, however small it is. If you are looking for something fulfilling for your child, why not consider signing her up for a ballet class for kids in Singapore?

It is easier to try new things and explore out of the box when one is at a young age. Activities like piano and ballet can encourage your child to discover what she is good at and the things she is most interested in. As a parent, that is all we want for our child which is why needless to say, there must be some takeaways to ensure your child is making the most out of each lesson. Ballet can be full of benefits of ballet classes for kids, some of them possibly unexpected! Keep scrolling for the four benefits of learning ballet from young:

  • Discipline and Dedication

As the saying goes, “By constant self-discipline and self-control, you can develop greatness of character.” Besides instilling grace and poise, your child will also become more disciplined in her overall life. Such positive qualities start from young and will take her far as she grows up. At this age, this is the best opportunity to shape her personality and build on her character traits. Here, success is all about the process. It is more than just the final outcome and your child will get to learn that in ballet. Showing gradual improvement and bettering oneself matters most in her journey in ballet, and this is where discipline comes in.

  • Confidence

When a child is afraid to step up and even try something new, low self-esteem has a part to play in that. If your little one is shy, learning ballet will truly help in making her feel good about herself whenever she executes her dance steps correctly, to eventually build her confidence. Dancing on stage with her peers and even performing solo are little opportunities for her to gain confidence. You can also play a part by getting her to perform in front of you from time to time and shower your little one with praise for her efforts.

  • Become a GREAT team player

Ballet classes are another great way to make new friends. Dance as a whole provides an extremely supportive community as the young dancers have to work together and understand each other. Beyond expressing the story through one’s body movements to the audience, there has to be communication among the dancers as well to make things work. In every dance piece, it requires some form of coordination from all ballerinas in order to execute the choreography. Here, teamwork is essential in ballet and to see everything come together, now that is truly an accomplishment to be proud of!

  • A GOOD health booster

As your child grows older and more experienced in her ballet journey, a toned physique is just a side effect for all her hard work. Ballet requires a lot of slow, fluid movement while holding a good posture and over time, your child’s strength and stamina will gradually increase. We all know how bad it is to be hunched over while reading a book and watching television, but ballet will teach your child to be more aware of her posture. If you have been reminding your child to not slouch, you will soon not have to as she will become used to maintaining a perfect posture through her ballet lessons.

In ballet, there are numerous benefits and lessons worth learning. At The Ballet & Music Company, every child gets the most out of each lesson under their instructors. If you are a parent who is planning to sign your child up for a ballet class in Singapore, The Ballet & Music Company might just be the place you are looking for. They have several state-of-the-art schools serving Alexandra, Serangoon, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong Point, Simei, Novena, Seletar and Katong residents. If you are living near any of these locations, sign your child up and she will benefit so much more when she becomes a graceful ballerina with them.

** This article is a collaboration between Danza Stella and The Ballet & Music Company. For parents keen to sign up for a ballet class trial, click on the follow link to enjoy a 10% discount!

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