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Do Ballet Shoes Have a Left and Right?

Ballet is an amazing activity for young boys and girls, it teaches them discipline, hard work, grace and poise. But, before they head off for their first lesson, they’ll need a brand new pair of ballet slippers. But, what considerations need to be made before buying ballet slippers? And what are the best ballet shoes for toddlers?

FAQ’s: Do Ballet Shoes Have a Left and Right?

If there is no L or R stated on the shoes, this is because there is no left or right specifically. The shoes will then mould to your child’s feet as they wear them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to mark the insoles L and R, so that the moulded shoes are not worn wrong and therefore uncomfortable.

FAQ’s: How Long Should Ballet Shoes Last?

Depending on the material and brand, as well as how the shoes are treated, this will vary. As standard, a pair of shoes should last around 6 months if they are treated well and the children are attending a couple of classes each week.

FAQ’s: What Color Ballet Shoes Should I get?

There are a number of ‘typical’ colors for ballet shoes, these are: Ballet Pink, Black and Tan/ Nude, White. Typically boys/ men would wear white or black. Girls/ Women usually wear pink or tan. However, it is normally best to speak with the dance teacher before making a purchase, some classes can be strict on uniform (not usually with toddlers – but best to check).

What Size Ballet Shoes Should I Buy for my Child?

When buying ballet shoes for children it can be tempting to buy a few sizes larger to avoid having to replace them when they grow. But as we’ve said, it’s important they fit correctly. Different brands will have different requirements when ordering online, we’ll be explaining the recommended sizing to order with each ballet shoe that we discuss. When ordering online, there is a general rule - For kids under 5 = ‘Toddler’ - Between ages 5 – 10 = “Little kid” - For kids aged over 10 = “Big kid” this is the same sizing as women’s sizing

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