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Do Ballerinas Wear Bras?

By: Grace Wilson

Being a ballerina is considered to have one of the most challenging careers in the world. Performing ballet professionally can be very demanding, as it requires discipline, strength, and perfection. People interested in this dance career or hobby often have many questions, such as ‘do ballerinas wear bras?’

Bras can be worn or not worn, depending on the ballerina. If a ballerina prefers to wear a bra for the sake of her comfort, she definitely can. There are no hard and fast rules regarding wearing bras for ballerinas.

However, ballerinas often find themselves confused when it comes to whether or not to wear bras while dancing. In this article, we will be guiding you accordingly.

What Do Professional Ballerinas Wear?

To form ballet professionally, the ballerinas have to look decent and wear something comfortable yet elegant. For this purpose, professional ballerinas wear a leotard whenever they perform ballet. A leotard is a very tight-fit garment covering the ballerina’s body from their shoulders down to their crotch. Leotards are unisex. Hence, they can be worn by male ballet dancers as well. This one-piece garment is made out of a stretchy material, which is very lightweight and breathable.

The leotards come in various styles, some can be sleeveless or full-sleeved, and some have a deeper U-shaped back than others, and much more. There are many leotards available for ballet dancers to choose from, and everyone can easily find one according to their taste and liking.

Alongside the leotard, professional ballerinas wear tights to cover their legs, and these tights go over their feet as well. However, there are footless tights available for those who wish to wear socks. These tights are often made of mesh and are very breathable, hence, being very comfortable for the ballerinas when they are performing ballet.

Do Ballet Dancers Wear Cups?

Cups are a unique piece of garment, which is often worn by male ballet dancers. These cups are more commonly known as “Dance Belts,” These are worn over the waist and provide support to the ballet dancers’ genitalia. These cups are also used to make the ballet dancers’ costumes look seamless and avoid any outlines of the genitals being formed when wearing the skin-tight leotard.

Ballet dancers, often males, wear these cups to get a seamless look while wearing leotards, as these cups allow the leotard to sit on their body more smoothly. These cups support their genitalia and aid the ballet dancers in their movements and allow them to perform ballet without much trouble. The band of these dance belts or cups is quite wide to ensure that the ballet dancer’s waist is not pinched inwards when they wear the cup.

What Is A Ballet Back Bra?

A ballet back bra is a bra’s style where the bra’s straps are at the garment’s very back. However, one strap curves down towards the band and meets the other band in one smooth line meet at the bra’s back. Due to this, the bra’s shape from the back looks to form a deep U shape and gives a better fitting. Ballet back bras can provide more support and are also able to keep the bra closer to the body.

These ballet back bras are called “ballet back bra” due to their shape being similar to that of the back of a leotard. A leotard also has the same U shape at the back. These bras also have wider bands to allow for better support and make them feel more comfortable. These bras often come with adjustable straps, which means that the straps be easily adjusted to achieve the desired fit.

How Do You Wear A Bra with A Ballet Leotard?

Many ballerinas prefer to wear bras under their leotards. This is because some ballerinas feel that the leotard’s thin material is not enough to provide them with the support they require, and hence, they often bras to feel more secure while performing ballet.

When wearing a bra with a ballet leotard, the color of the bra is quite essential. Ballet teachers often use ballet teachers to wear a black, skin-colored, or white bra under the leotard. However, most ballerinas match the color of their bras with the leotards they are performing in to ensure that even if the bra shows through the edges of the leotard, it does not look too different from the garment itself.

Padding is another option for ballerinas who want more support under their leotards, particularly leotards that already have some sort of padding in them. This padding is commonly sewn into the leotard and provides enough support that the ballerinas will feel comfortable wearing. Some ballerinas also use bra pads and use them under regular leotards, and because the leotards are in such a tight-fitting, the bra pads do not fall out during their performances or during ballet practices.

Do You Wear Anything Under A Leotard?

Since leotards are extremely skin-tight and fitted, it can be challenging to wear too many garments under them. Some ballet dancers like wearing underwear under their leotards. However, since the underwear’s seam lines can easily show through the leotard and the dancer’s tights, it is often not the most popular choice. Although the ballet dancers prefer to wear underwear beneath their leotards, they usually wear underwear made up of very thin material and often invisible seams.

Many leotards come with a built-in liner that is specialized for the genitals, and these liners can be quickly taken out of the leotard and washed. Upon washing and drying, they are put back into the leotard and worn again. Many ballerinas often use the tights they wear as underwear and avoid wearing any extra garment.

Ballerinas often wear bras under their leotards in order to get support for their breasts while performing. There are many different kinds of bras available that are specially designed to be worn under leotards by ballet dancers.

Which Bra Is Best for Ballet Dancers?

If you wish to wear a bra during your ballet performances, you may be confused regarding which type of bra you should be investing your money in. There are a large variety of bras available in the market, and many of them are specifically made to be worn by ballet dancers.

If you are looking to wear a bra while doing ballet to gain some support for your breasts and avoid feeling uncomfortable with being braless, make sure you choose a bra with the minimum amount of padding. Heavy padding in the bra you wear while performing ballet can be an obstacle while performing ballet, and therefore, it is best to wear a bra with light padding.

Ensuring that the bra you choose to wear while performing ballet is made up of a lightweight and soft material is essential. You want to wear a bra that will feel comfortable on your skin under the tight leotard, and the material should be soft enough to ensure you do not get any rashes from it.

The bra’s material should also be odor absorbent, as while you perform or practice in a skin-tight leotard for hours, you may sweat, and you want to ensure that your bra doesn’t start smelling a few minutes into your performance.

Therefore, by keeping these points in mind, you will be able to choose the perfect bra for yourself to wear underneath your leotard while you perform ballet.


Performing ballet can be a unique and beautiful experience, but there is a lot to know before becoming a ballerina. Choosing whether or not to wear a bra while you are performing ballet is entirely up to you. And there are many ballerinas out there that prefer to go braless for their practices and performances. However, some may feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing nothing but a leotard, and therefore, a bra is a perfect garment for them. As long as you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and are able to perform all the intricate movements involved in ballet with ease, it doesn’t matter what your preference for wearing a bra is.

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